Participation conditions

VI International Specialized Exhibition on Preservation, Restoration, Use, and Popularization of Cultural Heritage, Redevelopment and Museum Technologies


Includes: provision of space for installation of an exhibition stand with a height of no more than 6 meters (for categories A+, A), no more than 5 meters (for category B), general cleaning and protection of the pavilion. Individual cleaning of the stand is ordered and paid additionally, at the request of the exhibitor.

* Category A+ stands are provided only to key partners of the exhibition


Registration fee per exhibitor and co-exhibitor EUR 397

Paid by all companies by exhibitors and co-exhibitors.

Includes: charged to one legal entity. The cost of the registration fee includes: placement of information about the exhibitor in the official catalog of the exhibition distributed to the participants of the event, placement of information about the exhibitor on the official website of the event and the costs of working time of the Organizer and its expenses for consideration of exhibitors' applications. In case the exhibitor refuses to participate in the exhibition, the payment of the registration fee is non-refundable.


The cost of sq.m. in accordance with the selected category
Platform configuration cost
Registration fee
Number of sq.m. of rented space


Pre-booking of the area takes place only after registration of the application (pre-booking period is 10 working days after receipt of the signed application).

The final reservation of the area is made only after signing the contract and paying the invoice.

Payment terms - 100%

Upon termination of the area lease agreement, the amount of the registration fee of 25,000 rubles is not refundable to the exhibitor. Refusal of the participant from the exhibition space less than 3 months before the event entails payment of a penalty to the Organizer in the amount of 100% of the fee for the unclaimed area.
  1. Performs construction, design, electrical connection works on its own or by involved forces.
  2. Obliged to provide the Organizing Committee with a project for the registration of the leased area and the coordinates of the developer company.
  3. It is obliged to submit an application for electrical connection to the Organizing Committee indicating the required power consumption capacity.
  4. It is fully liable for the actions of its own or third parties (attracted by him to design the exposition), which caused damage to the property of the Site Operator, Organizer, Exhibitors, Delegates and Visitors to the exhibition, for the extension of installation and dismantling periods.
To place company data in the catalog, it is necessary to provide materials about the company before October 01, 2021
All developers of exclusive stands independently pay the registration fee to the Event Operator in the amount of 15,000 rubles for processing documents and accreditation for construction within the exhibition site, strictly until September 29, 2021, if the Exhibitor applied for accreditation for development later than September 29, 2021, the Exhibitor will be charged an additional fee for processing an application for accreditation in the amount of 15,000 rubles. In this case, the registration fee for accreditation is 30,000 rubles.

Payment of the registration fee to the Exhibition Operator does not cancel the payment of the accreditation fee to the general developer of VK "Gostiny Dvor".

In this regard, please familiarize yourself with the Procedure for Accreditation at the Gostiny Dvor Atrium. We inform you that the Accreditation and Technical Control Service for Accreditation and Technical Control Service (SATK) ensures final accreditation and technical control of development in the Gostiny Dvor Atrium.

Accreditation procedure in the Gostiny Dvor Atrium.

Before the Accreditation procedure, Development Organization Requirements should be read and downloaded

Technical control procedure:

1. Provision of documents.
The developer, 15 working days before the start of installation work on the next event, sends scanned copies of documents to the accreditation and technical control service by e-mail in accordance with the Requirement for the organization of construction of events in the Gostiny Dvor Atrium:
- application for accreditation;
- Certificate of Conformity of the Developer's Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2008)
- certificates of electricians on verification of knowledge of norms and rules of work in electrical installations and Journal of accounting for testing knowledge of norms and rules of work in electrical installations for the current year;
- developer's information sheet;
- development plan;
- building isometry;
- power of attorney from the Exhibitor for development;
- electrical scheme of construction;
- a copy of the order appointing the person responsible for installation/disassembly, responsible for fire safety, responsible for electrical installation work;
- a list of electricians not lower than the 3rd admission group participating in electrical installation work;
- a list of employees for installation and dismantling work;
- a list of imported construction equipment;
- Conclusion of technical expertise on the static stability of two-storey buildings and buildings with a height of over 2.5 meters. (If necessary).

2. Term of consideration of documents and execution of the contract.
Within two days from the date of receipt of documents, SATK checks the compliance of technical documentation, Requirements for the organization of development of events in the Atrium of Gostiny Dvor.
After appropriate verification, SATK forms a calculation of the cost of services and sends the Developer a Contract and an invoice for comprehensive accreditation services.

3. Registration and issuance of the Certificate of Admission.
After confirming the payment of the Developer, SATK, no later than three days before the start of installation work, issues a Certificate of Admission to carry out installation, operational and dismantling works.
At the entrance to the Atrium of the Gostiny Dvor, for installation, the Developer presents the employees of the private security company "Kolchuga" with an act - admission. After checking the documents provided by the employees of the"Kolchuga" security company, the Developer arrives at the site and installation work begins.

4. Technical control.
SATK carries out technical control over the development in the Gostiny Dvor Atrium during installation and dismantling works.
The functions of Technical Control include control:
  • Arrival of Developers;
  • Compliance of the location of the Developers' stands with the general plan of the event;
  • Availability of an information desk at Developers' stands;
  • Compliance by Developers with occupational safety and safety during installation, maintenance and dismantling works;
  • Readiness of stands before the opening of the event;
  • Removal of containers and tools of Developers;
  • Compliance with the Requirements for the organization of events in the Gostiny Dvor Atrium;
  • Departure of Developers;
  • Complete liberation of the built-up area in the Atrium of the Gostiny Dvor.

5. Registration and issuance of the Departure Certificate.
After acceptance of the site from the Developers, Technical Control issues an Departure Certificate. To ensure control, when leaving and exporting equipment and materials, SATK transfers the second copy of the Certificate of Departure to the employees of the Kolchuga Private Security Company.

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