Executive direction

Dmitry Shapovalov
Executive director
Anna Danilchenko
Speaker participation manager
Olga Dukhno
Speaker participation manager
Marina Bychevskaya
Speaker participation manager
Nataliya Romanenko
Exhibition participation manager
Kristina Mirzaliyeva
Media partnership and accreditation manager
Polina Karpova
On matters of interaction with contractors
Tatiana Arefieva
On participation in the bidding program
Alexandra Filimonova
For registration of participants and delegations
For media
On all issues
«Gostiny Dvor» Expo, Il’inka, 4, Moscow
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Выставочный комплекс «Гостиный Двор»
г. Москва, ул. Ильинка, д. 4
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+7 (495) 197 83 47