The results of the international exhibition "Denkmal, Russia - Moscow" were summed up in Moscow

The event was attended by over 70 exhibitors from all over Russia, more than 2500 participants and more than 250 speakers.
From October 21 to 23, the VI International specialized exhibition on preservation, restoration, use, popularization of cultural heritage, redevelopment and museum technologies "Denkmal, Russia - Moscow" was held at Gostiny Dvor, 4 Ilyinka Street. The event was organized by the ICOMOS National Committee, Russia and Leipziger Messe International GmbH. The event was supported by the Moscow City Government. The exhibition is included in the list of events of the Year of Germany in Russia.

Not only representatives of preservation, restoration and use of cultural heritage but also development companies took part in the exhibition "Denkmal, Russia - Moscow". Expanding the list of sites of the exhibition is due to the fact that nowadays developers also pay much attention to the preservation of cultural heritage.

More than 70 organizations and institutions, more than 2,500 visitors and more than 250 speakers participated in the exposition.
"The Denkmal exhibition is one of the restoration industry's main and favourite events. It is truly a unique platform where professionals who preserve cultural heritage with their hands meet and discuss truly topical issues. It was great to see both respected restoration experts and young people just starting to gain experience. The pandemic has made some changes in our life and in the work with monuments in particular, but the restoration industry is still alive and growing. Monuments are still in need of high-quality restoration. And literally now there are about 500 objects of cultural heritage in the work", - commented Alexei Yemelyanov, the head of Moscow City Heritage Committee.
The participants of the exhibition expressed great interest in the stand of the Moscow City Government organized by the Department for External Economic and International Relations and the Department for Cultural Heritage of Moscow. For the fifth time it was awarded by the organizers and visitors of the exhibition and won a special prize in the category "The Most Progressive Booth". The Government of Moscow also received an award "For the development of restoration school traditions and contribution to international cooperation".
In 2021, the main theme of the Moscow City Government booth was devoted to Moscow details. The 240 square meter booth became an interactive demonstration area, where restoration specialists ran master classes on various restoration trends for three days. A total of 12 master classes from restoration organizations were waiting for the guests of the exhibition, most of the workshops lasted during the whole exhibition.

The uniqueness of workshops 2021 was in the fact that the work was carried out on the original objects. The greatest interest among the participants of the exhibition was a pictorial painting "Dairy and Meat Livestock in the USSR", 1958, the author of which is the famous socialist realist painter Boris Shcherbakov. It used to decorate one of the halls of pavilion No. 1 "Central" VDNH, but in the 1960s after the change of exposition was moved to pavilion No. 42 "Livestock". As part of the exhibition, restorers carefully cleared the canvas, removing surface dirt from the canvas.

A special area of the booth was dedicated to the Abrikosov House, located at 7 Krasnoselskaya Street, building 31. The building is a cultural heritage site of regional importance. The house is currently under repair and restoration work, in the course of which restorers returned the historical olive color to its facades based on research. At the exhibition the original door of the house was the subject of the work. During the master class specialists removed the old paint coating layer by layer and worked on restoring the lost elements, stained glass and glazing. In the specially prepared photographic area you could take pictures against the background of the original window block with colored stained glass.
Another workshop was devoted to the restoration of the architectural and stucco decoration of the residential building of architect Duvanov at 56 Zemlyanoy Val Street, building 3. The specialists-restorers demonstrated the process of forming the decorations as well as the process of clearing and restoring the original stucco rosettes of the main house of the town estate on Prechistenka street, 8, building 1.

The restorers showed their gilding work on the historic elements of the iconostasis of the Church of the Resurrection Slovusheye on Uspensky Vrazhok, 15/2 Bryusov pereulok. Two columns about two meters high were carefully cleaned by specialists and covered with gold leaf.

Also at the stand was clearing the historic tombstone of A.V. Lapteva necropolis of Donskoi monastery. The restorers told about the specifics of work to restore the marble sculpture of the XIX century.
In addition, the exhibition showcased the processes of restoring the stained glass pavilion 6 "Chemistry" (formerly the Lithuanian SSR) VDNKh (Prospekt Mira, 119, building 6), as well as the reconstruction of a fragment of the mosaic panel for the Research Institute of Graphite (Electrodnaya street, 2).

A special workshop was devoted to the preservation, care and restoration of ceramic coated floors (Mettlach tiles). Visitors to the exhibition were told about the process of restoring historical tiles, were shown authentic elements of different shapes and thickness, and each participant of the master class used a special composition and hand press to make a tile fragment with a pattern.

On the first day of the exhibition, the All-Russian Art Scientific and Restoration Center named after Academician I.E. Grabar also prepared workshops. The Russian Association of restorers held a workshop for the young participants as part of the "Little restorer" project. The young participants made a virtual excursion to the museum of architectural ceramics "Keramakh" and learned about how architectural ceramics are created and restored. Under the master's responsive guidance, each visitor had the opportunity to make their own model of the future tile.

And on October 22 and 23, 2021 there was a master class in museum restoration organized by the restorers of the Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve.

An extensive program of business events was prepared for the guests of the exhibition. During the opening business program specialists discussed both already realized projects of restoration and integrated development of the environment, such as the House of Culture "GES-2" and the Narcomfin House, and large objects where works are carried out. For example, the Moscow Imperial House.

The first day was also devoted to discussions of the preservation of apartment buildings, which are objects of cultural heritage, as well as technologies of restoration of white stone on monuments of architecture.

The second and third days were devoted to education and training in the restoration of objects of cultural heritage.

At the traditional student conference the graduates and students of specialized colleges and universities presented their completed restoration projects. The presentations were made by the students of Moscow Architectural Institute and Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, Sergei Andriyaka Academy of Watercolor and Fine Arts, Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Glazunov, "26 KADR" college and educational complex of urban development "Capital City".

An open student scientific seminar "World cultural heritage as a factor of sustainable development of modern society" took place on October 23, where the participants considered the issues of preservation of cultural heritage and intercultural communications in the aspect of social and cultural phenomena. The seminar was attended by the students of the Moscow Government University.

During all the three days of the exhibition RC "Mosvolonter" volunteers were actively working at the booth of the Moscow City Government assisting the organizers, inviting them and telling about the workshops.

Within the framework of the exhibition, the competitions for young restorers were traditionally held. They were held in 5 competencies: restoration of masonry and brickwork, restoration of easel painting, restoration of metal roofing, restoration of woodwork, restoration of stucco decoration and plastering. In competitions participated 28 pupils of profile educational institutions from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Orel.

Seven students from college "26 KADR" took part in competitions from Moscow. They fought for the prizes in all the competences of the competitions and took the first places in three of them: painting restoration, woodwork restoration and metal roofing restoration. Third place in the restoration of masonry and brickwork, as well as in stucco and plasterwork.

The largest restoration and architecture college in Moscow also organized master classes, presentations and activities for the guests of the exhibition, and as part of the business program students and professors made presentations on the participation in major restoration projects and the development of the industry.

Denkmal is the largest international forum on the restoration, preservation of monuments and restoration of historic buildings that takes place every two years in Leipzig (Germany) under the auspices of UNESCO. The exhibition has been held since 1994 and is designed to promote cooperation between experts in the field of preservation, conservation, restoration and popularization of historical and cultural monuments, exchange of experience in the use of modern technology, establishing new professional contacts.
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