Business programme: theory and practice from industry leaders

Conferences and sessions at the exhibition - a treasure trove of useful information! Hear expert opinions on topical issues and topics.

For example, the focus of the business programme at the trade fair:

  • Cultural heritage monuments in the context of a modern city
  • Legal regulation in the field of preservation of cultural heritage
  • Inclusion of architectural monuments into the city economy
  • Methods of adaptation and commercialisation of cultural heritage objects
  • Application of digital technologies in the field of cultural monuments promotion
  • Role of redevelopment in the preservation of historical architecture
  • Professional education in the field of restoration. Future competencies for contemporary professionals
  • Improvement of sectoral standards in the sphere of preservation of cultural heritage
  • Problems of pricing in restoration and restoration of historical and cultural monuments
  • Development of restoration industry: state-of-the-art technologies and prospects
  • Information modeling capabilities and scientific and technical approaches to restoration of cultural heritage objects
  • Modern approaches to the development of museum complexes and formation of historical and cultural environment

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