“Restoration of stucco decoration and plasters” Award

The nomination program includes lost (model casting, processing) and preserved decor element restoration projects.

1. General practical work description

  1. The purpose of the task is to create a fragment of the facade, which must undergo professional examination and be admitted to construction.
  2. The task is based on handicraft work performed on a real construction site.
  3. Based on the working documentation*, the participants of the competition must demonstrate the application of the theoretical knowledge gained in practice.
  4. Working hours are limited only to the total duration of the competition. The sequence of working steps and technological solutions when performing the task varies individually by participants.
  5. The total duration of the competition is 2 working days of 6 working hours each.
  6. The competition takes place in a group mode: 2 contestants per workplace.
  7. The result of the work is a stucco window frame fixed on a pre-prepared stand.
* project drawing based on preserved ornaments and studied old photos.

2. Task completion guide (technological operations)

  1. Length and angles must be measured in part production. The finished parts must be fixed to the provided stand. The joints and defects must be closed with a gypsum solution.
  2. For the manufacture of the coat of arms on the upper pediment, participants will be provided with a silicone form. The coat of arms must be stretched so that it fits the size of the finished product. Chipping, blurring of the contour must be eliminated.
  3. Consoles under the window wall are also made using a silicone mold. The shape has holes and fuzzy lines.
  4. Defects in the cast parts must be eliminated and the ornament fixed on the prepared stand.
  5. Participants independently plan the progress of work and allocate time.
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