The content of the nomination assignment is the installation of a roof covering made of titanium zinc using a seam technology, based on the technical assignment in accordance with the requirements of current normative documentation. The assignment consists of several successive stages with their own peculiarities, linked by common goals and limited in time. It contains processes that are identical to the professional activity of a seam metal roofing worker and allows the participants to show practical skills and creativity to achieve the end result. Participation in the nomination is available for teams of 2 (two) people each.

1. Order and a general description of the practical work

Restoration of the roof of an architectural monument - it is a unique process, which requires a combination of modern materials and technology with the need to preserve the historical appearance of the building. The seam technology of working with metals, especially with precious non-ferrous metals, requires the roofers of the highest skill, understanding of the peculiarities of working with a particular metal, the competent performance of each detail. The greatest difficulty is usually the curved surfaces of the roof - domes, marquees, arches, etc. In this case, the young roofer will demonstrate their skills in assembling a roof of titanium zinc hipped roof.

The process of installation of roofing is regulated by the design and technical documentation developed for each particular object. In the case of the competition is regulated by the technical competition documentation.

2. Instructions for the task implementation (technological operations)

  • Installation of prefabricated seams with the use of brackets in the lower part of the roof model according to the drawing.
  • Installation of prefabricated elements of the "checkerboard" on the above parts of the hipped roof.
  • Installation of the elements of ridges (ribs).
  • Installation of the decorative top.
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