Luciano Maggi

Restorer and CEO of the company Decorart snc di Maggi Luciano e Osvaldo

Restorer of Artistic Heritage registered in the professional register of the MIBAC
Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities pursuant to article 29 of the legislative
decree dated 22nd January 2004 # 42 (Code of cultural heritage and landscapes).
From 1974 to 1981 he was Technical Director and Production Manager with duties
as executor of artistic works on marble at marmi Bavaria sas — Volargne Dolcè (VR).
Since1982 L. Maggi is the owner and legal representative of the firm Decorart snc di
Maggi Luciano e Osvaldo, a company specialized in Monumental Artistic Restoration.
From 1982 to the present time he holds the position of CEO Decorart snc di Maggi
Luciano e Osvaldo.

Luciano Magi holds diplomas of the Lyceum, the School of Arts “Paolo Brenzoni”, as
well as the Verona Restoration school “Botticino” for restoration courses.