Inal Dzhopua

He graduated from Sukhum Secondary School № 4 named after D.I. Guliia.
2009 - 2013 - Studied at the History Department of the Abkhaz State University (Bachelor).
In 2015, he graduated from the Master's Degree of the Abkhaz State University. The topic of his thesis is "Hellenism in Abkhazia".
From July 15, 2013 begins to work in the State Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection in the position of a chief specialist.
From June 2015 to 2016 - service in the armed forces of the Republic of Abkhazia. After completing his service in 2016, he returned to work as a chief specialist in the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage, where he works to the present day.
He is currently working on his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences. The topic of the dissertation is «Architectural Monuments of Abkhazia of the 1st millennium A.D. »