Anton Savchenok

Chief specialist of the Committee for State Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments (KGIOP).

Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. In 2006, he graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a specialization in Theoretical and Applied Mineralogy. Since 2007, he worked as a process engineer in the Department for diagnostics of building materials and structures of ST. PETERSBURG RESEARCH AND DESIGN INSTITUTE FOR RESTORATION OF HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL MONUMENTS SPETSPROEKT RESTAVRATSIYA”.
In 2009, he defended his thesis “Mineralogy of decorative facing stone used in architectural installations of St. Petersburg, its composition, properties and behavior in urban environment”. In 2010, he studied at St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering under the program “Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Heritage”.
His research interests are focused on use of natural stone in architecture. His works include scientific papers, collections of papers, publications and studies on natural stone in architecture, methods of its study, restoration and conservation.
Since December 1, 2020, he works as a chief specialist of the Department of technology of works at historical and cultural territories of the Administration for historical and cultural landscapes and hydraulic engineering installations of KGIOP.